Top 6 Chambly Silverware Settings

Chambly Silverware is known for being exquisitely detailed, with dozens of options available to match anyone’s style or preferences. Whether you’re looking for your first set of flatware or you want to refresh your silverware drawer, consider some of the amazing options that Chambly has to offer. 

Continue reading below as we highlight some of the top choices for Chambly Silverware sets that you can find right here at Silver Superstore. 

1. Chambly Louis XIV Coquille Silver Plate Flatware

The Chambly Louis XIV Coquille Silver Plate Flatware boasts a unique design that makes a nod to a rustic French style. The quiet yet romantic style of this flatware set evokes imagery of the French countryside, which you can infuse into your own home. 

This set is silver-plated with a bright and shiny finish, and you can purchase a standard 5-piece place setting, serving utensils, and additional setting pieces like a cake fork, tablespoon, and others for your needs. 

2. Chambly Empire Silver Plate Flatware

To achieve a neo-classical look in your dining room, check out the Chambly Empire Silver Plate Flatware set. 

Featuring a gorgeous ornamental design with its laurel wreath and cascading festoons, this flatware set is an ode to ancient Rome and its beloved style. 

Available in a 5-piece place setting or additional pieces like a butter knife, cake fork, and serving utensils, you’ll love how this silver-plated flatware looks on your dining table. 

3. Chambly Baguette Stainless Flatware

For a more sleek and understated look, the Chambly Baguette Stainless Flatware set is the perfect option for the modern home. 

This tableware design continues to be one of the most popular across Europe, and there’s no surprise as to why. 

With an unembellished design and a weighty handle, Baguette possesses the perfect balance for a charming style that you’ll find in bistros all throughout France. 

4. Chambly Art Deco Silver Plate Flatware

With tons of pieces available for purchase and a stunning design, the Chambly Art Deco Silver Plate Flatware is the perfect starter set for anyone on the market for flatware. 

The geometric Art Deco handle gives a streamlined look that would look great on any table setting, and the silver plating in a bright and shiny finish will dazzle on your tabletop.

From a 5-piece place setting to fish knives and oyster forks, this flatware set has everything you need to throw an epic dinner party. 

5. Chambly Louvres Stainless Flatware

The Chambly Louvres Stainless Flatware set has an amazingly beautiful floral accented pattern that anyone could add to their collection. 

The weightier handle balances out the feminine style, meaning it’s a great choice that any diner will appreciate. 

There are tons of purchasing options for this set, including the standard 5-piece place setting, a 20-piece service for four, cocktail forks, serving utensils, and more. 

6. Chambly Acadie Silver Plate Flatware

Lastly, the Chambly Acadie Silver Plate Flatware is an excellent choice both for everyday use and for special occasions. 

The sleek yet intricate design of the handle adds intrigue, strength, and a touch of masculinity. 

You can find a 5-piece place setting, butter knives, serving utensils, and more in this design at the Silver Superstore website.