Top Silver Ornament gifts for Christmas 2013

Silver ornaments are classic holiday decorations and collectibles, and make excellent gifts for friends, family, or even yourself. Below are just a few of the most sought after silver ornaments this year.

The 2013 Wallace Sleigh Bellwallacesleighbell-300x300

The handcrafted, silverplated Wallace Sleigh Bell is one of the most sought after ornaments year after year. Now in its 43rd edition, the 2013 Wallace Sleigh Bell continues this trend. The reasons are simple. It exudes charm, and is a quintessential symbol of the holiday spirit. The Wallace Sleigh Bell is the near perfect ornament to gift as it can be engraved with a personal message. It comes in sterling silver, goldplate, and the ever popular silverplate versions, making it the silver holiday collectible for every budget.


The 2013 Gorgorhamsnowflake-300x300ham Snowflake

The 2013 Gorham Snowflake features a multi-faceted design which beautifully reflects the lights surrounding it. The 44th edition of this sterling silver ornament is as unique as any snowflake, and lends a graceful presence nestled in your tree or as its own holiday display. Whether you are adding to your collection or beginning a new family custom, the annual Gorham snowflake is a revered holiday tradition.


The 2013 Reed and Barton Annual Christmas Bellrbannualbell-300x300

Reed and Barton’s 2013 Annual Christmas Bell is another superb gift choice for the holidays. This silverplated bell comes engraved with “Christmas 2013”, but is also easily personalized with a message for your friends and loved ones. The sound it produces is timeless, as is its mirror finish which catches every flicker of your fireplace or Christmas tree. Simple and classic, it is no wonder why so many choose to hear this silver bell ringing in their home every year.