Top Wilton Armetale Items for Summer Grilling & Entertaining

A flat skillet with rope border by Wilton Armetale

Wilton Armetale is a beloved metalware brand that has the perfect line-up of summer grilling and entertaining items for all your cookouts this season. Both functional and visually appealing, the following grillware and serving pieces from Wilton Armetale are must-haves for the summer. 

Gourmet Grillware Sizzle Platter

The Gourmet Grillware Sizzle Platter from Wilton Armetale is the perfect dish that you can take from the grill right to the dinner table. The rope-like pattern covering the lip and handle of the platter gives it a rustic feel. Plus, it’s the perfect item for any foods that easily slip through the grates like onions, potatoes, mushrooms, and more. 

Like all Wilton Armetale pieces, the sizzle platter is made from Armetale metal which is 100% recycled and food-safe, meaning it won’t rust, chip, or crack with normal usage. Plus, there is no need to polish this aluminum-based alloy metal, making it a very low-maintenance yet high-quality piece to add to your collection. 

Gourmet Grillware Fish Griller

Another great item from Wilton Armetale is the Gourmet Grillware Fish Griller. The griller has a rustic charm, perfect for all your summertime grilling needs. The grooves in the griller allow you to get those highly-desired grill marks in your food items but also keep them from slipping through the grates. 

The Fish Griller can withstand heat up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you can use it on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven with no problem. 

Gourmet Grillware Deep Dish Pizza Tray

All pizza lovers need to check out the Gourmet Grillware Deep Dish Pizza Tray from Wilton Armetale. This tray allows you to cook pizza al fresco on the grill this summer, though you can also use it for an oven-baked pizza if you wish. 

The simple yet sleek design of the Deep Dish Pizza Tray makes it widely loved and an easy choice for your next at-home pizza night. Like the other items we’ve highlighted already, you can take this tray directly from the grill to the table for easing serving. 

Flutes & Pearls Large Salad Set

Wilton Armetale’s Flutes & Pearls Large 3pc Salad Set is a wonderful addition to your summer picnic table. This serving set was designed for salads, but you can use it to serve any food items you wish like freshly-cut fruit, delectable macaroni salads, and more.

The classic scalloped pattern on the edge of the bowl has made this piece a long-standing customer favorite. Plus, the raised beads lining the scallops and the edge of the serving utensils offer a glimmering effect that wows at any dinner party.

Flues & Pearls Pitcher

To finish off, the Flutes & Pearls Pitcher pairs well with their salad serving bowl of the same style. Made from solid metal with no coatings applied, this pitcher keeps cold drinks cooler for longer–perfect for withstanding the summer heat! 

So whether you’re serving up lemonade, iced tea, or any other drink concoction this summer, make sure you have a stylish yet practical pitcher like this one on hand.