Unforgettable Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

A newborn looking at a baby's first christmas ornament

Baby’s First Christmas


A baby’s very first Christmas is a momentous occasion. Help the happy parents commemorate it with the timeless gift of silver, complete with personalized engravings. Customize any of these precious pieces with the baby’s name, birthday, or initials. You could also consider other unique details, like the baby’s birth weight and length. Multiple styles of lettering are available, from fancy script to fun block letters.

Amidst the whirlwind of onesies and diapers, reward the new parents with something truly special. Here are four stunning silver gifts for the most magical time of the year.

Baby’s First Christmas Rattle

This silver plate rattle ornament is both adorable and chic. It comes embossed with the words “Baby’s First” on the large part of the rattle, framed by tiny sprigs of holly. A dangling charm lists the year. The circle at the base of the handle is the perfect space for a small custom engraving, like a monogram. Baby’s First Christmas Rattle is a beautiful and interactive gift that will keep the baby engaged. It will fit right in on an elegant Christmas tree as well.

Nambe Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

On the tree or in the nursery, this ornament is the perfect piece of “silver and gold” for the parents of a newborn. It features a whimsical baby elephant, rendered in swooping curves of silver plate. A heart-shaped gold plate charm dangles from the belly of the elephant, reading “Baby’s First Christmas.” There is plenty of room for personalized engravings on the front and back of the elephant’s body. The artistic Nambe Baby’s First Christmas Ornament is sure to bring smiles for years to come.

Engravable Silver Baby Bracelet

New parents will cherish this tiny treasure forever. The no-fuss cuff style bracelet is an ideal unisex baby gift for holidays, christenings, baptisms and more. Its sleek band of sterling silver is 1 1/2 inches wide. Every style of personal engraving would look lovely on this simple bracelet. The Engravable Silver Baby Bracelet comes in a mint green Empire gift box.

Heart Teething Ring

This sterling silver ring-shaped rattle could double as an ornament or even a charm. The ring, designed by Krysaliis, has a diameter of 2.6 inches and features a three dimensional silver heart. Turn it into an unforgettable gift by adding a short personalized engraving, like the baby’s initials or date of birth. The parents of a newborn baby will adore the customized Heart Teething Ring.