Why to Buy Fine French Flatware (feat. Degrenne & Christofle)

French silverware, Degrenne and Christofle

Have you ever given much thought to the flatware you use to eat your meals? Fine silverware might be an afterthought in your home, but it need not be the case. A traditional, high-quality French set of flatware can last for decades and be passed down through generations. Sounds more exciting than the bought-off-Amazon replicas, does it not?

Many people have a set of flatware that they use on special occasions. If the idea of owning the best flatware in the market sounds appealing to you, look no further than fine French flatware. 

Here are a few quick reasons why fine flatware is the way to go:

  • The highest quality French silverware never loses its quality. With a shine that lasts for generations, you can be assured of fine silver with a streak-free presentation.
  • A great set of French silverware can be passed down through family generations like a valuable heirloom – which it is! 
  • Enjoy some incredible, artisan designs which steer clear of the dull designs you would find in replicas. Take ‘Degrenne’ and ‘Christofle’ as great examples of fine French designs. We will take a closer look at both of these now.

Degrenne French Flatware

Back in 1948, a Frenchman called Guy Degrenne brought his flatware to the mainstream market. Launched in the town of Sourdeval, he pioneered the use of stainless steel in flatware. Degrenne’s original line of flatware repurposed steel from the armor plating of tanks left over from the 1944 Battle of Normandy. This innovation set his flatware apart from the rest.

Nowadays, Degrenne is a company that continues to develop its ‘Normandy’ line of silverware in recognition of the founder. It has refined the style of the silverware to match the expectations of modern-day elegance.

Christofle French Flatware

Dating back even further than Degrenne, this flatware was created in 1842 by Charles Christofle in Paris, France. Having secured electroplating patents from England, he began employing only skilled workers to create plated goods at his manufacturing plant. Making a name as an excellent silversmith, the Christofle team soon became silversmiths to royalty

By the time of Charles Christofle’s death in 1863, he had created a European industrial leader in developing high-quality silverware, which lives on to this day. As well as flatware, Christofle is also renowned for silver teacups and saucers.

By now, both Christofle and Degrenne have become staples of modern-day fine French flatware. They have websites with which you can marvel at the ranges of dinnerware available to purchase. 

Investing in fine French flatware certainly does not come cheap, but they can make a prized asset for your family for many years to come.