4 Elegant Ideas for Tray Engraving as a Gift

Gifting someone an engraved silver serving tray from Silver Superstore is one of the most elegant and refined gifts you can find. With custom engraving to match the milestone you’re celebrating and high-quality silver trays with intricate and detailed designs, this is an excellent gift idea for any major life event. Here are some of the top tray engraving gift ideas to consider. 

Baby Tray Engraving

The perfect tray to gift to new parents to commemorate the birth of their child is this 6-inch, nickel plate Round Tray. This non-tarnishing tray is a wonderful choice for a gift that will turn into a lifelong keepsake for the child and their family. Plus, this tray is just as practical as it is pristine, so you can even use it on special occasions like the child’s birthday to bring a sense of tradition and family closeness. 

There are plenty of ways to engrave this tray to celebrate the birth of the new baby. You can get their full name engraved, their date of birth, their weight and length, the hospital name, parents’ names, and more. With touching details that always bring the parents back to this special day, they will surely appreciate the gift that is equally heartfelt and stunning to display.  

Wedding Tray Engraving

The Sterling Chippendale Tray by Salisbury can be a great gift for newlyweds to celebrate their special day. Regal, ornate, and charming, this 9” tray was designed after the 18th-century English Rococo furniture designs of cabinet maker and interior designer Thomas Chippendale. 

The graceful and intricate design on the edge of this sterling silver tray adds character and chicness to any space where it’s displayed. Plus, you can get it custom engraved with details about the couple’s wedding like their names, the date of their wedding, the location, and more. So, the couple can integrate this tray into their wedding as they’re served champagne or their wedding cake. Then, they can display it in their home as a constant reminder of their nuptials. 

Anniversary Tray Engraving

Another great idea for engraved tray gifting is for a couple’s anniversary. The Sweetgrass Small Oval Tray by Wilton Armetale Serverware is a functional yet beautiful product that is carefully crafted and evokes a spirit of liveliness and longevity. The detailed rope edge symbolizes the bond that has kept the couple together and offers a rustic charm that couples can enjoy. Plus, this item is food safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°F if they want to use it for cooking. 

Keep in mind that silver is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for couples celebrating 25 years of marriage. So, you can make your gift count with a customized engraved tray with their names, the date they got married, the 25th anniversary, and maybe even a special message or quote for the couple to enjoy. 

Birthday Tray Engraving

You can also celebrate a milestone birthday with an engraved silver tray like the Masthead Round Tray by Salisbury. This tray features a simple but classic design with a twisting rope edge that makes for a beautiful display. Measuring 14.5” in diameter, this generously-sized plate can be used practically to serve food or be displayed in a hutch or on a wall. 

This would be a great gift for any birthday, but major milestones like turning 40, 50, 60, and beyond offer the perfect opportunity to gift someone this fantastic item. You can engrave the tray with their name, what birthday they are celebrating, the year they were born, and a special message or quote for them to reflect on.