Celebrating Mother’s Day Amidst COVID-19 Measures

Mother and Child

Mothers Day


With the coronavirus, or COVID-19, having brought many lives to a standstill, many families will be approaching the next few holidays with questions in mind.

Public transportation, shops and other essential services are reduced or severely limited across most of the world, meaning it could be a difficult Mother’s Day to plan for. Also, this time of year is often a time for most families to meet and celebrate together. For many people, this simply will not be an option at present.

As of early April, around a third of the global population is under some form of “stay at home” order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Most of Europe and the US are being seriously affected economically by the lockdowns and ‘social distancing’ measures, while other parts of the world are not far behind.

So, how can families still celebrate Mother’s Day 2020? While traveling and meeting up with friends and family may be off the table, there are plenty of ways to make celebrating at home special.

Make The Most of Mother’s Day

One of the primary themes heading into the Mother’s Day period is one of “embracing the technology.” This sentiment is shared by Melissa Sorrentino of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She explains that her family’s Easter will consist of a virtual celebration, making the most of modern video technology to chat with distant family members.

For many families, gathering to celebrate a loved one is essential. While technology can’t replace a hug or the energy created when you’re in a room filled with people, it’s an excellent option. Most video chat platforms allow for multiple attendees, so that with the right agenda, it can feel like an in-person event.

Despite the mandates to stay home, many businesses are making delivery an option even if it wasn’t previously available. Having flowers, chocolate, or decorative fruit baskets delivered, is certainly a great way to tell your mother how much you care without risking the health of either of you. Instead of sending a handwritten card, create a video that shares some family updates or write a short script and have fun making a mini movie with the people you’re staying at home with.

Plan An Elegant Dinner for Those In Your Home

Wondering how to stage an elegant dinner for Mother’s Day? Worry not, there is still plenty of time to grab decorative silverware for your table. For example, check out our beautiful flatware sets that can be shipped out as soon as this week.

Get creative with typical traditions. Since public gatherings are no longer permitted and restaurants are only doing takeout/delivery, consider ordering a meal from a local restaurant, but set your table as if you prepared it. Or prepare a meal on your own and plan to video chat with family and friends so that you can all eat together.

Make Mother’s Day Special

While our current circumstances aren’t ideal, modern technology makes it easier than ever to feel connected to distant loved ones. Moms are usually the ones taking care of everyone else, making sure that everyone else has what they need. Take some time to think about how you can show her that she’s valued and that you love her… even from afar.