6 Best Flatware Patterns from Top-Rated Gorham

Gorham is among the top-rated silverware and flatware brands, known for its high-end silverware, heavyweight, and sophisticated patterns. As one of the top choices for flatware, they have a number of patterns and styles available to match anyone’s personal preferences. Below, we’re highlighting the brand’s top six stainless flatware patterns to consider adding to your collection. 

Ribbon Edge Frosted Stainless Flatware

Gorham’s Ribbon Edge Frosted Stainless Flatware is one of the brand’s most popular frosted patterns featuring a border detail. Looking closely, you’ll notice the border has a detailed ribbon design, akin to a gadroon or rope edge. 

Aside from the simple yet sleek design, some of the standout pieces from this pattern include the hollow-handled knives with a premium knife blade and a very heavy weight. You will find some other patterns made with a similar design, though this option from Gorham is top-of-the-line. If you like the pattern, but you’re looking for some extra shine, you may want to check out the Golden Ribbon Edge pattern with a gold accent and high-polish finish. 

Valcourt Stainless Flatware

Another incredible flatware pattern from Gorham is their Valcourt Stainless Flatware. This design was closely inspired by the brand’s Chantilly Sterling Silver pattern, which debuted in 1981. 

The Valcourt pattern is one of the most unique offered by Gorham, so there aren’t too many other similar pattern options out there. In general, the heavy weight and shiny high-polish finish paired with the delicate floral design is a highly sought-after combination that makes this pattern a top choice from Gorham. 

Studio Stainless Flatware

The Studio Stainless Flatware from Gorham is another incredibly sleek pattern from the brand. Originally introduced 30 years ago in 1993, this pattern is now one of Gorham’s best-selling patterns. With this pattern, it’s all about the silhouette, featuring a glossy, high-polish shine and smooth spoon bowls and fork-tine edges. 

We even offer the option to personalize this flatware pattern for an additional fee with our high-quality in-house engraving service. You can add up to three letters to each piece, making it a great option to personalize your own flatware set or make an incredible gift to a loved one. 

Biscayne Stainless Flatware

Gorham’s Biscayne Stainless Flatware is a highly unique and modern design, originally introduced in 2005. Adding this pattern to your dinner table adds a gorgeous element of texture and beauty with its lightly hammered design and shiny finish. It goes without saying that you won’t find too many other patterns with a similar style or design, though the Biscayne pattern is truly a showstopper and conversation starter. 

Column Stainless Flatware

Column Stainless Flatware is another sophisticated and exquisite pattern from Gorham, being one of the brand’s most popular patterns since it was introduced in 1994. The pattern features a contemporary scroll accent and smooth borders around the edge of the handle. 

Like many other Gorham patterns, this stainless flatware pattern has a very heavy weight. Even though there have been similar patterns to emerge since Column was introduced, this pattern reigns as the top choice for many. You can even select this pattern with a frosted finish if you wish. 

Melon Bud Stainless Flatware

The Melon Bud Stainless Flatware pattern from Gorham is one of the brand’s most popular patterns of all time. Featuring a delicate flower bud at the tip of each handle, it’s the fine details of this pattern that truly make it one-of-a-kind. 

With a heavy handle weight and a shiny, high-polish finish, this flatware feels like luxury in the palm of your hand. Plus, if you’d prefer the frosted finish, you can check out the Melon Bud Frosted pattern.