6 Character Ornaments Kids (And Adults) Will Love

Grogu dressed as santa ornament with gold ribbon for hanging
Grogu Porcelain Ornament by Lenox

Christmas ornaments come in so many exciting shapes, colors, and motifs. Make decorating the tree even more fun for your family this year by investing in higher quality pieces that represent their favorite popular characters. They’ll be delighted to place their favorite piece on the tree and see it every day of the holiday season. 

Star Wars

This popular franchise is beloved by both kids and adults. Why not spice up your tree with fun holiday-themed Star Wars ornaments that everyone will love? 

Lenox offers a delightful porcelain Darth Vader ready to charm your guests and children. He has turned in his typical black garb for a red cape and Santa Claus hat and switched his light saber for a white striped candy cane. This is the perfect item for anyone who wants to marry the magic of Christmas with their love of Star Wars. 

Another fan favorite is holiday-themed Baby Yoda. This cute porcelain model of Grogu is just adorable! Here you’ll see him eating a sweet holiday treat he has prepared for Santa with a snowflake motif. He has also switched his normal serious attire with a baby-Yoda sized Santa Claus suit. 

If your child’s favorite character is R2D2, we have the perfect ornament for you. This Lenox ornament displays R2-D2 wrapped up and ready to be opened like a gift on Christmas morning! His irresistible charm shines with this stand-out bright red holiday bow sitting atop his normally robotic appearance.


This gorgeous porcelain Lenox ornament is a testament to one of the most popular Disney films, adored by thousands of children, Frozen. The Elsa’s Adventure decoration features Elsa in her traditional blue, Scandinavian inspired garb and beautiful light purple and blue designs. Her bright blonde hair stands out in her signature long braid. 

Any family whose watched the Frozen franchise with their children will be absolutely delighted to see this well-crafted ornament on their tree. 

Mickey & Minnie

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are some of the most recognized and dear characters in the world. What kid’s face doesn’t light up at the sight of them together?

Add extra warmth to your Christmas tree by adding the 2022 Mickey Snow Games ornament in addition to your traditional decor. Mickey is bundled up in an adorable scarf and holiday hat, ready to throw a snowball. He is donning his traditional gloves and his iconic Mickey Mouse ears are poking out of his hat. Crafted with quality porcelain and shimmering gold accents, this piece will delight everyone who enters your home.

Why not complete the pair with the 2022 Minnie Snow Games piece by Lenox? Wearing a pink hat and scarf with an adorable pink dress, Minnie is ready for the snow ball fight with Mickey. This Christmas themed scene is even more magical when viewed with both ornaments together, so why not add the pair for a dash of fun to your tree to commemorate this year? 

Don’t forget you can choose to have a holiday engraved hang tag on any of these items for an even more personalized effect for your kids or loved ones.