Top Couzon Flatware Sets to Add to Your Collection

Mirror finish 5 Piece Place Setting with a knife, forks, and spoons by Couzon.

Couzon is a revered European flatware brand, known for its distinct shape and styling. They are one of the premier continental-sized silverware brands, characterized by the high quality and weightiness of the pieces. But Couzon doesn’t just make weighty silverware for the sake of it; rather, the heaviness of their flatware owes to the superior quality of their pieces that give off an authentic luxurious feel. 

Couzon flatware is available in both silver plate and stainless steel at Silver Superstore, so there’s something for everyone no matter what your preferences are in the dining room. Take a look below as we highlight some of the top Couzon flatware sets that you might want to consider adding to your collection this fall. 

Couzon Lyrique Flatware

The Couzon Lyrique Flatware set features a class thread border design on the handles of each piece. Plus, this pattern is available in both silver plate and stainless steel. This versatile, European-style flatware set was made with skilled craftsmanship and designed by French designers. 

This flatware set has it all–it has a sleek and timeless design, a high polish, good weightiness, and it’s dishwasher safe. Altogether, these features mean the Lyrique flatware set is a customer favorite for those who want to maximize form and functionality in their flatware. 

Couzon Silhouette Flatware

Another incredible collection from this brand, the Couzon Silhouette Flatware set is a sleek and modern option. This pattern has a polished finish and delicate curves to match anyone’s style. These pieces are super versatile and are available in both silver plate and stainless steel. 

Adding the Silhouette flatware set to your collection will bring a touch of French beauty and class that is unmatched by other sets out there. Plus, the extra heavy weight of these pieces means you will be dining in luxury each time you sit down for a meal with this flatware. Both dishwasher safe and extremely durable, it’s easy to care for this flatware even with regular use. 

Couzon Consul Flatware

The Couzon Consul Flatware set has a high-polish, stainless finish on an ultra-traditional pattern. This set gives off a high-end look and feel that can elevate any dining experience. From 5-piece place settings to serving sets and more, you can completely overhaul your flatware collection with pieces from this pattern. 

Especially if you are particularly interested in a classic European style, the Consul set is both stylish and durable. It’s even dishwasher-safe! On the handle of each piece, you will notice a beautiful floral design and intricate beading that gives off an air of chic luxury. So whether you want to use this set for special occasions or everyday use, you can make the Consul flatware set your go-to. 

Couzon J’ai Goute Stainless Flatware

If you’re looking for a set that is perfect for everyday use, but still elegant enough to use on special occasions, check out the Couzon J’ai Goute Stainless Flatware set. This flatware set was designed in France, and the stainless steel material means it can withstand the wear and tear of day-to-day use without losing its glamour.