Black Friday Holiday Sale: Special Offers on Select Sterling Flatware

This holiday season, you can save big on top silver flatware brands like Wallace, Gorham, Towle, and International Silver Co. by shopping the Lifetime Sterling flatware sale at Silver Superstore. We are offering special deals on select patterns from these brands so you can upgrade your silverware ahead of the busy holiday season. 

For each select pattern, you’ll find incredible deals on 4-, 5-, 46-, and 66-piece dinner and place settings. Plus, we have discounts available on select open stock and hollow handle servers in each pattern to round out your silver collection. Take a look below to see the top ten patterns on sale so you can take advantage of this limited-time offer before it ends on Monday, November 27th!

Towle Old Master

If you’ve been thinking about adding a more traditional pattern to your silverware collection, check out our current deal on the Towle Old Master pattern, which originally debuted back in 1942. This pattern is considered the flagship sterling silver pattern for the brand, so there is a lot of tradition and history behind its beautifully ornate design. With major price reductions on nearly all items in this collection, you won’t want to miss the opportunity for a major deal on such quality silverware. 

Gorham Chantilly

Another excellent pattern included in our Black Friday sale is Gorham Chantilly. This pattern was first made available in 1895, making it a cherished silverware design that has been adored for over a century now. In fact, this pattern was the most popular sterling silverware pattern of the 20th century. Our current offer means you can score incredible discounts on this fine piece of history – either for your own collection or as a meaningful gift to a loved one. 

Gorham Strasbourg

For a slightly more simplistic design, but still with plenty of traditional flair, the Gorham Strasbourg silverware pattern is also part of our massive Black Friday sale. Like the previous Gorham pattern, this collection is also more than a century old, first introduced in 1897. There is a wide variety of pieces and place settings for this pattern included in the sale, so don’t pass up your chance to get a discount on this popular silverware set. 

International Joan of Arc

Our first featured pattern on sale from International Silver Co. is Joan of Arc, which debuted in 1940. This is one of the brand’s most popular patterns to this day, beloved for its shiny mirror finish and intricate handle design. From fish knives to salad forks and dinner service for twelve, nearly all items in this collection are included in our sale.  

Wallace Grande Baroque

If you want to take home a silverware set that is truly a work of art, you need to see the massive deals we have available on the Wallace Grand Baroque sterling silverware set. Each piece in this collection is a beautiful masterpiece, so you won’t be surprised to learn that it took the brand four years to develop this intricate Victorian-style pattern before it was originally released in 1941. 

Towle Queen Elizabeth I

Another pattern from Towle that is included in our sale is the Queen Elizabeth I sterling silverware set. Featuring a more feminine floral design, this pattern was released in 1970 and has quickly become a popular style ever since. This is on the weightier side compared to others on this list. So, the large discounts offered on this pattern in our current Black Friday sale could give you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your current silverware collection for this stunning pattern. 

Gorham Fairfax

Offering a simple yet stately design, the Gorham Fairfax pattern is currently available at a discount with our limited-time Black Friday sale. Introduced back in 1910, this traditional pattern has been around for over a century and is now one of the brand’s flagship collections. There are plenty of Fairfax items included in our current sale, including the 6-piece Hostess Set, a number of different place settings, forks, knives, spoons, and more!

International Royal Danish

The International Royal Danish is arguably one of the finest Danish-style sterling silver flatware sets available, which you can find at an incredible deal with our current sale. The pattern was introduced in 1939 and has remained a staple for many silver collectors over the years. Many pieces in this collection are available at a discounted price at Silver Superstore, but don’t wait to purchase them, because the current deal ends on November 27th. 

Wallace Giorgio

If you have your eye on something with a more sleek style, take a look at the Giorgio pattern, which is part of the Italian Collection by Wallace. Available at many of the same discounts as the other collections on this list, this pattern was inspired by European continental-sized sterling silver flatware. So, it is heavier and larger than most other silverware included in our current sale. 

Wallace Palatina

Another pattern that’s part of Wallace’s Italian Collection, Palatina rounds out the select patterns included in our Lifetime Sterling Flatware sale. Just like the Giorgio pattern, Palatina is made in true Continental Size, making it heavier than most other standard flatware collections. With a shiny mirror finish and beaded-edge handle pattern, you can find fantastic deals on this stunning collection in our current sale.