Top 5 Annual Christmas Ornaments for 2023

Christmas is right around the corner, which means many families are keeping with tradition and collecting the latest annual edition of their favorite ornaments. No matter what 2023 brought you, these annual Christmas ornaments are a fantastic way to commemorate the year and add to your own personal collection that you’re excited to unbox each coming Christmas. So whether you have a new addition to the family, reached a major milestone, or simply want to keep growing your ornament collection, continue reading below as we highlight the top annual Christmas ornaments you can find here at Silver Superstore.

2023 Gorham Snowflake (54th Edition)

The 2023 Gorham Snowflake ornament features a timeless design that will look wonderful on your Christmas tree year after year. The snowflake is always a classic symbol for the holidays, and the 54th edition of this incredible collection is no different. The ornament is handcrafted in the USA and comes with both a red and white ribbon so you can choose the one you like best. 

The ornament features a double-sided design, so no matter how it’s positioned on your Christmas tree, it will be sure to dazzle. Feel free to engrave the hang tag with a personal message, and you’ll also notice the small 2023 engraving on the lower edge of the snowflake. 

2023 Wallace Sleigh Bell (53rd Edition)

Another fantastic ornament to celebrate the year is the 2023 Wallace Sleigh Bell. This classic collectible wows year after year, and can easily be engraved on the front or back with a personal message. This year’s edition features a pattern of alternating gingerbread men and Christmas trees along the middle of the bell, centered by the embossed 2023. Available now for over half a century, this timeless ornament is a special collectible that can be passed down through the generations. 

2023 Wallace Candy Cane (43rd Edition)

For a more playful ornament from Wallace, check out the 2023 Wallace Candy Cane ornament. This gold-plated ornament makes for a wonderful keepsake that dazzles and shines on any Christmas tree and is dated on the back with the year 2023. 

After 43 editions, Wallace continues to impress each year as they release a new candy cane ornament design. This year’s design features alternating green and red-striped bulb ornaments throughout the candy cane, offering a playful yet classic feel that anyone would love to add to their collection. While there isn’t room to engrave a custom message directly on the candy cane itself, you can add an engraved hang tag to the ribbon. 

2023 Gorham Cross (10th Edition)

The 2023 Gorham Cross ornament marks the 10th edition in the series, a major milestone for this stunning collectible. This double-sided design looks amazing from all angles and is made by some of the finest silversmiths in the country. Whether you plan on keeping the ornament for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, this piece is surely packed full of meaning and tradition.  

You will find the engraved message “Gorham Sterling 2023” subtly engraved along the bottom edge of the cross, which you might need a magnifying glass to view. Plus, you can add an engraved hang tag if you want to celebrate someone special or a certain memory from the past year. 

2023 Gorham Annual Tree (7th Edition)

Lastly, the 2023 Gorham Annual Tree is the 7th edition of the ornament, so it’s still a newer collectible that you can continue to watch evolve over the coming years. It offers a slight variation in design from last year’s edition but is still packed with all the charm and Christmas cheer you expect from this ornament. 

Highlights of the ornament include 2023 dated at the bottom, the individual decals adorning the tree like stockings, bells, gingerbread men, and sleighs, plus the sterling silver star on top. You can add engraving to the back of the ornament to personalize it or add an engraved hang tag to the red ribbon if you wish.